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Michael J. Joniec, Inc. Commercial Photography

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JONIEC, INC. - Client Profiles

Michael J. Joniec, Inc. (a Polish name pronounced "Joe-Nee-Eck" in English,) provides exceptional quality photographic services for regional, national, and international clients.

Customers include Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Religious, and Service organizations.

We service direct to corporate, advertising agencies, museums, designers, and individuals.

Clients we service include:
Artists & Illustrators, Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Merck, Bristol-Myers, Johnson&Johnson, Westinghouse, Apothecon, Phila.
Zoo, Architectural Digest, Nutri-Systems, IMO Delaval (Turbine Division),
Museum of Fine Art (Boston), Moderne Gallery (Philadelphia),
Mettler-Toledo, Amtrak, Brother Int'l Corp, Vygon Surgical, Churchhill Medical, and many, many others during the past thirty+ years.
We'd appreciate an opportunity to work with you, too!

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